Catalytic Oxidiser

Our catalytic incinerators of the type CAOX are used to treat exhaust air, for example from the print, chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as from various painting and coating systems. 

In such a catalytic incinerators, the oxidation of the VOC's, depending on their composition, takes place by means of a catalyst at a temperature of 200 ° to 450 °C. In each individual case, the most effective mixed oxide or precious metal catalyst is chosen from a large range of possible catalysts.

In our catalytic incinerators, up to 85 % of the heat energy can be used for preheating the exhaust air by the use of high efficiency, plate-type heat exchangers. The subsequent low clean air temperature enables catalytic incinerators to function economically without any secondary waste heat recovery system.

Individual system design
For volume flows of < 1,000 up to 70,000 Nm³/h
Use of proven catalysts for temperatures of 200 °C upwards
Efficiency of the internal heat usage up to 85 %

Areas of application
Flexographic or gravure printing
Chemical and pharmaceutical industry 
All kinds of painting and coating systems