For the economic thermal treatment of large exhaust air volumes containing low levels of VOC, we offer a two-stage technical solution: concentration.

The adsorption of VOC's by hydrophobic, non inflammable zeolites at low temperatures, and the subsequent desorption with a low heat desorption air flow reduces the exhaust air flow and increases the concentration of VOC. Depending on the type of VOC and the composition, a concentration ratio of up to 1:40 is possible. In a second process step, the desorbed air is treated in a thermal, regenerative or catalytic oxidiser. The high concentration of pollutants in the desorbed air allows most systems the possibility of operating the afterburners autothermically without any additional fuel consumption. Most often, the resulting heat surplus can even be utilised by the additional use of a heat recovery system.

The innovative systems solution developed by Krantz Clean Air Solutions in the area of techniques for the concentration of pollutants was awarded the prize for innovation in the category Environment by the Federation of Industry, AVK.

For volume flows upwards of 20,000 Nm³/h
For low solvent concentrations < 1 g/Nm³
For low exhaust air temperatures < 40 °C
Concentration ratio up to 1:40

Areas of application
Painting industry
Semiconductor industry
GRP industry