Development of products and systems

Innovative solutions call for laboratory tests

The range of products and systems includes air outlets for commercial and industrial applications, cooling and heating systems, facade-mounted ventilation systems as well as cleanroom systems. 

Adjustable radial outlet with core tube RA-V2

For high air flow rates and great discharge heights, with self-acting thermostatic control unit.

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Opticlean OC-Q

The Opticlean can be integrated in an unobtrusive manner into various types of ceiling system. Its mode of operation is
such that it prevents the room ceiling from becoming dirty.

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Displacement ventilation for indoor firing ranges VA-RSA

The system is designed to ensure an extensive supply air distribution into indoor firing ranges. 

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Conical displacement
outlet VA-K

Low-turbulence displacement flow for halls where supply air must be discharged from
a great height.

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Chilled beam LuxCool

Multi-service chilled beam with high cooling and heating capacities and low sound power level.

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