Examples of our competence


The renovation of a historic theatre included an entirely new design of the ventilation system which had to meet exacting requirements. Due to our high number of comparable reference projects, we were asked to support the planning and to examine the concept by means of simulations before carrying it out.

The arrangement of the six galleries on top of each other requires an accurate adjustment of air volumes, so that there is no draught in neither the concert hall itself nor the orchestra pit. For the simulations, models with various scales were being made and component models were validated by laboratory testing as far as possible:

  • Validation of outlet behaviour using a one-person model
  • Examination of the interaction between two boxes about each other
  • Construction of a full model of one part of the building

For every step, the results of the next smaller model were used to check the modeling. Due to the precise execution and examination, the simulation results reached a high degree of authenticity.


Supply air was discharged into a newly built airport terminal via jet nozzles that were directed towards the 32 m high external façade. Under winter conditions, this system was due to prevent any cold air drop on the façades.

Laboratory testing and simulation calculations carried out in the Krantz laboratory showed that the planned air supply could only effectively shield two thirds of the façade. In the lower part, a cold air drop is responsible for a reduction of comfort.

Due to the investigations, countermeasures could be implemented at an early stage and therefore prevented from unnecessary costs for refitting.