Examples of our competence

Ice rink

Fog often evolves over the ice surface of ice rinks, due to the low temperatures. Because of the condensation it is furthermore possible that the structural shell of the building gets damaged.

This can be prevented by providing the ice surface with cool and strongly dehumidified air by a low turbulence displacement ventilation. To save energy and to improve the thermal comfort in the spectator area, a second system with turbulent mixing ventilation is being used.

Exhibiton hall

Due to the hall structure and ecological considerations, seven exhibition halls should be equipped with an innovative displacement ventilation system. Here, the complete supply air is discharged from the hall sides by displacement outlets that are located at a height of 2,5 m. Special requirement: The penetration depth of the displacement ventilation of more than 30 m.

The functionality of this method was tested in advance in an existing exhibition hall. Because of the dimensions of the air outlets it was important to ensure a uniform air distribution. Tests at a scale of 1:1 in the Krantz flow laboratory have proved that it works.