Krantz creates functional reliability – in a scale of 1:1 and in models

We validate our component and system functions by laboratory testing – usually at a scale of 1:1. In suitable cases we can perform laboratory testing in compliance with the laws of similarity. Of course, this applies also to customized models that are individually built for you.

Especially in the field of comfort air conditioning laboratory tests can bring insights. When, for example, an office building needs to be equipped with a hundred identical rooms, the replica of one office makes it possible to neutrally check the performance data and interaction between the planned components and to test comfort parameters under various conditions. These include indoor air velocities, turbulence levels, room temperature gradients, and radiation asymmetry. Acoustic data is tested in our echo chamber under standard conditions.

Decisive advantage of laboratory testing:

The planned ventilation, cooling, heating, and acoustic concepts can be tested and experienced under real conditions. That way, the objective measurement data can be evaluated significantly better. Should the tested system not be consistent with its’ goals and expectations, optimizations can be carried out and be immediately validated.

Our test rigs

200m3  echo chamber

For highly sensitive areas such as theaters, television and broadcasting studios.
The Krantz reverberation chamber weighs 170 tons and sits on 8 steel spring packages which completely decouple the chamber from its surroundings, acoustically.

Measurement chamber façade-devices

In a climatic chamber, both summer and winter conditions between 40 and -15 °C can be simulated.

Test room for indoor climate testing

For the testing of comfort parameters under various demand scenarios. Here, the individual solution can be personally experienced.

Performance measurement of cooling- and heating systems

These are carried out with highest precision, under decoupling of environmental influences, and in accordance with the applicable standards.

Climate hall

For large components, that are used for the air conditioning of exhibition halls or event halls, ceiling heights of 12 m with air flow volumes of up to 20.000 m3/h and cooling capacities up to 250 kW are available.


For special requirements, individual test rigs are constructed in order to develop tailor-made solutions for our clients.