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  • Krantz Clean Air Solutions and STEAG New Energies: Partners for your decentralized energy supply

    Decentralized energy solutions are the cornerstones of the ongoing energy transition. They generate energy right where it is needed. This can reduce primary energy consumption, utilize a broader energy mix and increase energy efficiency.


    Thanks to the interconnection between heat and power, the efficiency of combined heat and power plants from STEAG New Energies is well above that of conventional power plant technology. They supply electricity, process steam, thermal oil, absorption chilling, hot water and air without interruption and precisely tailored to the energy requirements of your company.

    On-site installation eliminates line losses and enables the efficient integration of energy flows and recovery systems into your production and facility engineering. The already impressive CO2 balance of the heat and power combination can be further reduced with renewable wind, solar and biomass Energy.

     Exhaust air treatment systems from Krantz Clean Air Solutions provide yet another energy source. The VOC content of the exhaust air is far too precious simply to be burned off. Temperatures up to 950°C are available directly from the combustion chamber for the production of process heat, and yet more recovery systems for different temperature ranges can be connected downstream. The energy flows can be deployed through central power plant technology or expanded for flexibility and reliability through parallel systems. The application of VOCs for power generation is likewise possible with micro gas turbines.

    Custom-fit contracting solutions promote the technology of the future

    Energy efficiency is becoming an increasingly important competitive advantage. That is why STEAG New Energies implements tailor-made solutions for a sustainable, decentralized energy supply. Different contracting models make it easier for clients to implement projects for saving energy and integrating renewable energies–without having to make investments of their own. Savings potentials thus no longer go unused, and efficient new technologies end up breaking through.

    With the cooperation of STEAG specialists for exhaust air treatment, Krantz Clean Air Solutions and decentralized energy solutions STEAG New Energies, both exhaust air treatment and VOC combustion energy can now also be integrated into contracting.

    Information on STEAG contracting can be found here:

     STEAG New Energies - generating energy where it's needed

    STEAG energy contracting at the 6th workshop on thermal exhaust air Treatment
     Lecture: Energy contracting in industrial plants
    Speaker: Rüdiger Saß - STEAG New Energies

    6th Workshop on thermal exhaust air treatment

    6–7 November, 2019 I Aachen I Krantz Clean Air Solutions

    Renowned speakers, engaged discussions and an exchange of experiences in a relaxed atmosphere


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