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11.05.2017 | 09:00

Krantz delivers technology for waste repositories

Krantz is currently in the process of equipping a new repository for radioactive waste with ventilation and building services technology at a cost of roughly 2.4 million euros. The contracting party for the new facility is the Kerntechnische Entsorgung Karlsruhe (KTE) (until February 2017, WAK GmbH). The installed facilities ensure that no radioactive material or aerosols can escape out into the environment. Krantz is a brand of Caverion.

The new repository facilities are subject to nuclear regulatory approval procedures, and within the construction, low- and medium-level radioactive materials are tested and packaged for final storage. The building has a floor space of about 1600 square metres and contains two storeys.

The facilities supplied by Krantz are in part covered by special impermeability requirements and are designed to withstand special loads such as earthquakes. Thus, they are essential to the safe operation of the repository. The release of contaminants is avoided by targeted negative pressure stacking and the careful directing of airflow. Krantz is also planning and supplying the equipment for monitoring exhaust airflow.

The exhaust air system is designed with three exhaust fans with 50% of the total airflow. This ensures a high plant availability. The total exhaust air volume is approximately 23,000 m³/h. Before the exhaust air can be discharged into the open air via an exhaust air stack, filtration takes place via a Krantz HEPA filter unit. The exhaust air stack is also included in the scope of delivery from Krantz.

Krantz's installation work will begin in 2017 and is expected to be completed in 2019.

KTE has the task of dismantling shuttered nuclear testing and prototype plants at the KIT Campus Nord at the former nuclear research center in Karlsruhe. All related tasks for the disposal of radioactive waste, up to and including delivery to the federal final storage repository "Schacht Konrad", is also the responsibility of KTE.

Krantz Special Technologies and KTE can look back on a long history of working together, including on projects involving facilities construction as well as service and maintenance work.
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