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07.08.2017 | 00:00

Elbphilharmonie Hamburg – Concert Enjoyment – Maximum Thermal Comfort

Climate control of concert halls presents a major challenge to engineers. On one hand, a very high level of thermal comfort is expected by concertgoers, while on the other, the acoustic requirements of climate control components are extremely high. Moreover, the question of energy consumption cannot be overlooked.

Elbphilharmonie © dietwalther

KRANTZ has developed a special air outlet specifically for the Elbphilharmonie, where 2,150 of them are now embedded in the floor beneath the seats. Supply air is provided through them from the central ventilation system, for which purpose the area is also set up as a socalled pressure plenum. The goal was to supply each individual visitor with supply air in such a way that the desired air temperature could be maintained without too much difference between foot and head, while simultaneously ensuring that air movement would be hardly noticeable. Due to a relatively high supply air volume flow of 60 m3/h per person, the requirements were such that a tailor-made solution had to be developed in the KRANTZ research laboratory. What emerged is a solution by which a portion of the supply air is distributed beneath the seat by means of specially-constructed floor outlets, while an additional portion is routed upwards behind the backrest. In this way, the concertgoer is in a sense almost enveloped by supply air. After KRANTZ's concept was developed, however, there were yet further obstacles to overcome. This included, among other things, a test at the Wolfenbüttel University of Applied Sciences in which a competitor's product was evaluated alongside. The decisive results of the KRANTZ solution then led to a final release. Later, the client requested the addition of yet more requirements which had to then be met. These requirements entailed, for the purposes of hygiene, the prevention of leaking liquids entering the pressure plenum. As a result, the air distribution basket under the outlet element was modified so that it could hold up to 0.5 litres of liquid.
The very first concerts held at the Elbphilharmonie have shown that the tailor-made R&D solutions developed by ventilation specialist KRANTZ meet the highest demands on thermal and acoustic comfort and thus allow visitors to enjoy the music undistracted and undisturbed.

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