Recuperative Thermal Oxidiser

Our compact thermal oxidisers types FLEXA and INTEGRA are the preferred units for the cleaning of industrial exhaust air with high concentrations of VOC's which occur mainly in printing, coating, laminating and impregnating processes.

The organic pollutants are oxidised at a combustion chamber temperature of approximately 750 °C. For optimal energy efficiency, initially the heat content of the hot clean air is used to pre-heat the polluted exhaust air. This takes place in an integrated tube type heat exchanger, in which each individual pipe is fitted with its own expansion joint, enabling a waste heat recovery efficiency of up to 76 %.

In order to further improve efficiency, additional heat recovery systems for the generation of hot oil, steam, hot and warm water or warm air can be installed downstream.

The patented constructural features of the INTEGRA and FLEXA series ensure a reliable system operation even in problematic applications, as for example in the case of exhaust air polluted with precipitates (plasticizer emissions). The INTEGRA series boasts a particularly compact design, with the exhaust air fan integrated within the main unit.

INTEGRA series for volume flows up to 7,500 Nm³/h
FLEXA series for volume flows up to 60,000 Nm³/h
Efficiency of internal heat usage up to 76 % 
Heat recovery systems for air, water, thermal oil, steam and for thating of absorption chillers

Areas of application
Printing, coating, laminating and impregnating processes