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    Catalytic incineration in the chemical industry

    Ion exchanger resins for water softening are produced at a chemical production site. During the various production steps, a large number of inorganic and organic pollutants are released that are then collected in the exhaust air and need to be cleaned to comply with the strict statutory regulations.



    • Different inorganic and organic pollutants in the exhaust air
    • High safety standard in the chemical industry


    • Multi-level exhaust air treatment
    • Catalytic incineration for reduction of the organic pollutants
    • DeNOx level for denitrification
    • Absorption of the inorganic pollutants
    • Two-level heat recovery


    • Commissioned September 2006

    Facts about the project

    • Volume flow of exhaust air 12,000 Nm³/h from the ion exchanger production
    • Solvent concentration of exhaust air is a mean max. 2 g/Nm³
    • Various hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, inorganic compounds

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