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    Recuperative thermal oxidiser after a coil coating process

    Coil Coating processes use various solvent-based Coating substances that evaporate when applied and during drying, and are then collected in the exhaust air. The very high temerature drying process requires lots of Energy for the heating sstem.



    • High solvent concentrations in die exhaust air
    • High temperatures of the exhaust air up t 350 °C
    • High heat demand in the dryers of the emitting system
    • Must be installed outside on the Roof for space reasons
    • High Energy efficency requirements
    • high availability and reliability required


    • Recuperative thermal oxidiser System with maximum internal efficiency level
    • Return of hot clean gas directly from the combustion chamber
    • Duct Systems for hot gas with high temperature cntrol damper
    • First external heat recovery for heating Incoming dryer air
    • Second external heat recovery for generating hot water for process water
    • Close Communication of the Safe PLC of the emitting System and the thermal oxidiser

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