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    Regenerative thermal oxidiser when painting off-the-roll material

    Foils/films, optical films and other off-the-roll materials are painted and laminated with solvent-based paints. The solvents evaporate when applied and during drying, and are then collected in the exhaust. In compliance with the 31st BImSchV (Federal Emission Control Act), the concentration limit for solvents in the exhaust air and the maximum percentage of emitted solvents must be observed.



    • Medium to high solvent concentrations from three independent painting systems
    • Continuously high heat demand by emitting system; thermal oil and warm water are used to heat the hall


    • Regenerative thermal oxidiser (RTO) with two hot bypasses
    • Use of a thermal oil heat exchanger boiler system in the hot bypass of the RTO that can always heat up the thermal oil regardless of how the RTO is operated
    • Heat recovery in the clean gas for heating the warm water for the heat combination system of the central ventilation device
    • LEL monitoring of the exhaust air to the RTO


    • System with initial heat recovery: Commissioned November 2010
    • Second heat recovery: Commissioned April 2012

    Facts about the project

    • Volume flow of exhaust air 40,000 Nm³/h from painting systems
    • Solvent concentration of exhaust air up to 15 g/Nm³
    • Temperature of exhaust air 60 °C
    • Solvent ethyl acetate, 1-methoxy-2-propanol, MEK, acetone, propanol, naphtha, Toluene, ethanol

    Used products

    Clean Air Solutions

    Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser