Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser


What does an oxidiser do?

Our RTO systems, REGETAR series with two, three or more heat regenerators are employed for exhaust air treatment in all those industries which use solvents (VOC's) as part of their processes. These Thermal Oxidation Units can be employed for a wide range of VOC  concentrations and operate very economically even where there are low concentrations of VOC's, without additional downstream heat recovery.

By employing ceramic heat regenerators and by means of alternating flow directions of hot clean air and cold exhaust air, up to 97 % of the heat energy can be used to preheat the exhaust air. This allows RTO systems to be operated autothermically with a VOC concentration of 1.5 g/Nm³ upwards, depending on the type of VOC's.

Our REGETAR series RTO plants have continuously evolved since 1990 and possess, through their long history of development, and a multitude of matured technological improvements, a very high operational availability. In many cases, the use of our patented buffer system within this Air Purification System, allows the installation of low-cost and comparatively light RTO unit.

Units with 2, 3 or more beds 
For volume flows up to 200,000 Nm³/h 
Efficiency of internal heat usage up to 97 %

Areas of application
All kind of industries working with solvents


The new compact regenerative oxidiser, type OxiVOC, reduce volatile organic compounds (VOC's) emissions effectively, efficiently and economically in diverse industrial applications. It is dimensioned for a maximum exhaust air volume flow rate of 22,000 Nm³/h. The OxiVOC unit is completely pre-assembled and put into operation at the manufacturing site. The entire unit can be unloaded from the truck and placed directly in the location. After the installation and connection of the exhaust air and the clean air stack as well as the needed media the system can be put into operation immediately in order to clean exhaust air.