Research and Development

Ever rising comfort requirements call for innovative technology. Quite often, new architectural concepts cannot be converted into reality using standard solutions; further, growing environmental and energy awareness places new demands on science and technology.

Fresh impetus for tomorrow's 'applied system solutions'

The Aachen-based Research and Development Centre is fitted with state-of-the-art equipment. R&D engineers search for innovative, energy-efficient HVAC solutions and test them in experimental labs. If the tests are successful, the solutions will be thoroughly checked in our engineering department where they are converted into efficient systems.

To meet the very high customer requirements, engineers perform target-oriented research and development work in a modern testing laboratory hall having a floor area of 1 000 m², a height of 12 m, and a length of 37 m.

Investigations and tests carried out in our labs:

  • faithful simulation of indoor air flow in industrial and commercial buildings at a scale of 1:1
  • performance tests with cooling and heating elements, induction units, façade units, etc.
  • development and testing of customized project solutions
  • application of special software for simulation of buildings including their technical systems
  • airflow and acoustic tests on newly developed products
Krantz has been accredited to EN ISO 9001 by TÜV Rheinland.

R&D - Virtual tour

Check out our virtual tour through our R&D Center here. If you want to experience the virtual tour by yourself, visit us in our branch in Aachen.

With the help of a pair of "virtual reality goggles", you can switch from your actual surroundings into our computer-generated R&D Center in just one moment.

And this is what your virtual tour could look like-
all depending on what you are looking at.