Clean Air Solutions

Clean air is one of the fundamental preconditions for the preservation of life. That is why keeping the air clean is a most important task for maintaining our quality of life. Growing environmental awareness has led to ever more stringent regulations on the prevention of air pollution which can be complied with only by using state-of-the-art Clean Air Technologies and systems.

Krantz Clean Air Solutions deals with environment-related processes, in particular with the treatment of industrial exhaust air laden with hydrocarbons. On the basis of decades of experience in this field, we design exhaust air treatment systems that meet the specific requirements of our individual customers and we supply our Industrial Air Solutions throughout the world.

Our system technology of Clean Air Solutions is based on thermal afterburning, i.e. oxidation of hydrocarbons to carbon dioxide and water. Among all exhaust air treatment systems applied for the treatment of exhaust air contaminated with hydrocarbons, thermal afterburning  systems achieve the highest destruction yields and meet the strictest emission limits.