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    The mobile aerosol filter

    DHM was the go-to formula for protection against direct coronavirus infections this past summer. So that we can all get through the winter in good health, Krantz is adding to the mix necessary protections against the indirect risk of infection as well. Krantz VIRUSPROTECT uses mobile aerosol filters to great effect for cleaning coronaviruses out of our indoor air. Developed specifically for flexible use and tested under sound scientific principles, Krantz VIRUSPROTECT perfectly complements carefully-maintained individual coronavirus protections with efficient, cutting-edge technology. DHMPdistance, hygiene, masks, and Krantz VIRUSPROTECT—is the anti-coronavirus formula for the winter season.

    Get through the winter safely with the mobile Krantz VIRUSPROTECT aerosol filter.

    Indirect infections do not result from direct contact with infected people, but from a high density of coronavirus particles in the spaces we inhabit. Fine particulate matter in the air—aerosols—collect viruses which get pulled into our lungs along with the room air. If the virus density exceeds the capacity limit of our immune system, we get sick. Frequent ventilation prevents this, but is bad for the indoor climate and heating costs, and is, in many buildings, simply not possible on cold winter days.

    Safe coronavirus protection with Krantz VIRUSPROTECT

    The H14 HEPA filters of the Krantz VIRUSPROTECT free room air of microorganisms to a degree of purification of over 99.995%. Covid-19 virus particles are reliably captured, as are seasonal flu viruses and many other viruses, bacteria, spores, allergens, and germs.

    Extra high clean air zone: Convenient air flow

    With the Krantz VIRUSPROTECT two Krantz air outlets form a particularly high, protected clean air zone. The fourteen jet nozzles of the multiplex outlet on the front of the device are individually adjustable. A large-volume air cylinder is formed. This minimizes the particle load in the occupied area, pushes the particles close to the floor, and feeds them continuously to the air inlet on the underside of the Krantz VIRUSPROTECT.

    Krantz VIRUSPROTECT - easy handling for daily operation

    The construction and surfaces of the Krantz VIRUSPROTECT are designed for robust everyday use and to strict medical standards. An integrated CO2 alarm offers a timely reminder to ventilate by opening a window. The H14 filter elements are long-lasting, and replacing them is both a cinch and does not require any additional protective measures. By booking the Krantz VIRUSPROTECT full service, changing the filter and maintaining the machine is just as convenient as its ongoing operation.




    Power levels

    The device has 3 power levels that can be selected via the control panel:

    1st level: 250m³/h for rooms up to approx. 30m² and/or 10 people

    2nd level: 500m³/h for rooms up to approx. 60m² and/or 20 people

    3rd level: 750m³/h for rooms up to approx. 90m² and/or 30 people

    Based on this, we carry out calculations with an air exchange rate of 3-4, depending on the room height, or 25m³/h * person

    The annual energy costs amount to a maximum of €50/device and year*

    The low connected load means that several devices can be operated simultaneously without any issues.

    * Based on an operation of 5 days/week, 10h/day, and 28 cents/KWh.



    Available: On stock

    Patented coating for maximum protection

    • The patented coating guarantees the reliable killing of all viruses and microorganisms present (>99.995%)*
    • The entire raw gas chamber, including the intake grille, prefilter, inner lining, and H14 HEPA filter, is equipped with this inactivating coating. The unchecked growth of microorganisms, viruses, and other potentially harmful substances is prevented
    • This coating is designed for continual use over 12 months.
    • No additional auxiliary energy sources such as UV-C light or thermal heat sources are required for the demonstrable inactivation of viruses or microorganisms. The effect of the Krantz VIRUSPROTECT is purely passive!


    * Source: OFI Technologie & Innovation GmbH

    Overview of benefits

    • Safe, verifiable reduction of viral load >99.9%
    • Universal, mobile 3-stage device for rooms up to 30 people (larger devices upon request)
    • Collection and circulation of all room air for the greatest possible safety
    • High comfort, low noise level <45dB/A
    • 100% ozone-free, no use of UV-C light
    • Long service life and low-maintenance design
    • compact dimensions
    • Contamination-free, safe maintenance of devices
    • Smooth, elegant, and high-quality design made of rustproof, disinfection-ready stainless steel in various designs
    • Connected load 230V, <0.3 KW for energy-efficient continuous operation
    • intuitive operation
    • Integrated CO2 sensor
    • In addition to the filtering of viruses, microorganisms such as bacteria, fungal spores, allergens, hospital germs, etc. are separated out
    • Government funding possible
    • Very good price-performance ratio: Price upon request 




    Technical Data

    Dimensions (W/D/H)680mm / 1.830mm / 700mm
    Supply Voltage230V / 50Hz
    Installed load<0,3KW, <2A; 1.Level 24W, 2. Level 60W, 3. Level 120W, 4. Level 230W
    Volumeflow250m3/h - 1.000m3/h
    Sound pressure level1.Level 30dB(A), 2.Level 36dB(A), 3.Level 42dB(A), 4.Level 48dB(A)
    Pre-filter stageCoated filter element ISO ePM10 50% in accordance with ISO 16890
    HEPA filter stageCoated HEPA filter element H14in accordance with EN 1822
    Inner liningCoated sound dampener
    FanEC fan with constant volume flow control
    Activated carbon filterPolyurethane ester foam proofed with activated carbon
    Broad multiplex outletFront outlet, adjustable, Krantz Type BF-V
    Radial outletKrantz Top outlet, Krantz DD-N
    CO2 SensorIntegrated; 1.000ppm
    DisplaySiemens, incl. control panel and text display for operating and fault messages
    DeliveryMobile, on wheels, Plug&Play solution


    Application Areas


    Public institutions and Authorities

    Waiting areas, Lounges

    Healthcare facilities

    Clinics, Hospitals and medical facilities


    Open space offices, meeting rooms


    Restaurants, cafeteria