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  • Kompaus 4 and CadCreator

    We are pleased to present a new, fully revised version of our product layout program 'Kompaus'. Included we offer a brand new version of the Krantz CadCreator, which enables you to generate technical drawings of our products inside your Autocad drawing.

    'Kompaus' is an interactive electronic catalogue which gives a fast overview of the diversified range of products of KRANTZ KOMPONENTEN. It provides an innovative system for the selection of our products by giving the largest possible overview of options available.

    With 'Kompaus' the product selection does not occur according to set sequences as is the case with other layout programs. Project specifications are rather understood as "filters" that can always be applied to the whole range of products. Unsuitable products are marked red, suitable products remain blue. So you can easily recognise what type of product suits your requirement. And you can change the size or even the outlet type at any stage of computation so as to look for other options.

    'Kompaus' contains an electronic catalogue and modules for quick calculation and for detailed calculation, and makes it possible to create a report of results as well as a tender text. The package for download attached hereto includes a program that will install 'Kompaus' on your computer. Please proceed according to the instructions given in the program. To get a summary of the program installation steps in English, click on "Installation Instructions".

    The 'Technical Selection' files in PDF format (about 40 MB) are not included in the package for download. Where necessary, they can be downloaded while using the program.

    New in Kompaus V4.1.29


    To be able to use the computational functions, you have to register by e-mail. Registration is free of charge. Upon installation, click on "Quick calculation" or "Detailed calculation" so as to get to the registration window.

    If the automatic registration fails owing to your browser settings, please send the registration code displayed on your screen to info@krantz.de.


    'Kompaus' contains only the air distribution systems of KRANTZ KOMPONENTEN. The cooling and heating systems as well as the cleanroom components and systems are not included in this layout program. You will find them at www.krantz.de. For the time being the computational functions are limited to ceiling air outlets for turbulent ventilation, but it is intended to make them also available for our whole range of products.

    Disclaimer of liability

    The binding basis for selecting a Krantz product is the text of the related 'Technical Selection' brochure which is available as a printed document as well as a file in PDF format in our website. In case there is any discrepancy between computation results obtained with 'Kompaus' and data stated in the relevant 'Technical Selection' brochure, it is the brochure that is binding. For each application, the 'Kompaus' user has to compare the technical data given in the program with that mentioned in the related product brochure. Before placing an order, the 'Kompaus' user has to check the overall result provided by the program against the layout data and values mentioned in the relevant 'Technical Selection' brochure. For this reason, we shall not be liable for any damage that might result from incorrect electronic layout while it could have been avoided using a conventional computing and layout method.

    This disclaimer of liability shall not apply in case the damage was caused by us either with intent or by gross negligence; nor shall it apply if the damage is caused to a person.