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  • About Us

    Krantz develops, designs and manufactures air distribution systems, cooling and heating systems for ceiling and facade installations as well as exhaust gas filtration, dampers and clean air solutions.

    We are the expert partner at your side at all times, especially concerning plant construction and ventilation services for nuclear power stations.

    Our products enjoy an excellent reputation and are used where quality and reliability matters, in both public and in commercial buildings. Examples are clean rooms, nuclear installations, high security laboratories and isolation wards.

    • Company Policy

      Krantz GmbH has a broad spectrum of international customers and fields of activity. The guiding principles, across all areas, are always the satisfaction and success of our customers and thus also the success of our company.

      This is directly linked to the well-being of our employees and the preservation of our environment.

      We are aware that our activities, particularly in the nuclear sector, give rise to a great responsibility for safety in connection with our products and services.

      We have committed ourselves to the continuous improvement of our processes by introducing a management system that covers, the quality of our work processes, the environmental aspects and work safety, as well as the special requirements of nuclear applications.

      Corporate guidelines:

      • We want to recognise, reliably solve and fulfil the tasks, problems and wishes of our customers.
      • We want to create clear advantages for our customers and for ourselves, through:
        • conscientious analysis and fulfilment of contractual agreements,
        • immediate consideration of feedback,
        • economical service provision,
        • quality and reliability,
        • on time delivery and
        • comprehensive, unbureaucratic support.
      • We see it as an obligation and a challenge to continuously improve our existing efforts and systems and to achieve our goals through innovative solutions.
      • We are always open to new procedures, techniques and processes.
      • Our company culture is characterised by open, trusting and goal-oriented cooperation with the clients and institutions whom we serve.
      • Promoting awareness and understanding of the ideas of the management system among our employees is a high priority.
      • We promote the use of the process-oriented approach and risk-based thinking. The safety approach has top priority. This includes, among other things:
        • Consideration of all possible impacts, especially in nuclear applications (nuclear safety),
        • Awareness of the risk from counterfeit, fraudulent and suspect items (CFSI),
        • Consideration of the risk paths for application, production, maintenance and decommissioning.
      • The qualification, information and motivation (i.e., the promotion of the development and thus the satisfaction of all employees) is a fundamental prerequisite for the success of our company.
      • We value respect for human rights and the elimination of discrimination as an essential basis for sustainable business activity. In this respect, we give particular attention to the following for ourselves and our suppliers:
        • The organisational prevention of child labour,
        • appropriate wages and regulated worktimes,
        • Prevention of slavery,
        • Freedom of association,
        • identification and avoidance of conflicts of interest.
      • Every employee should return home after work as healthy as when they arrived.
      • The safe planning and implementation of operational procedures to avoid hazards for our employees, visitors and our environment is an important prerequisite. The focus here is on preventive measures.
      • We ensure, through our behaviour, that the operational work and production processes have as little impact as possible on our environment.
      • When developing new products and processes, we consider their impacts throughout the entire life cycle. We want to use the necessary resources as sustainably and efficiently as possible and further optimise them through the use of new methods.
      • By continuous analysis and optimisation, we would like to reduce the energy to be used for the fulfilment of our activities. We would like to increasingly cover the remaining energy amounts from renewable sources.
      • From these principles we derive our goals, against which we want to measure ourselves and the further development of our tradition-rich company.

    • Beginnings

      Krantz looks back at a long and eventful history. Already at the beginning we utilized customer proximity and specific customer solutions, and still continue to do so until the present day.

      In 1882, engineer Hermann Krantz founded the enterprise in Aachen. About 40 years later, in the 1920s, Krantz mainly focused on two core areas. First, the specialization on high-temperature water heating. Second, the sale of components for air distribution systems in the textile industry.

    • Krantz goes global

      The next important milestone in the history of Krantz took place in the 50s. Back then, the first components of air distribution systems for the nuclear industry were distributed. The internationalization occurred in the 70s, when Krantz America Inc. in Charlotte (North Carolina) was founded. At the same time Krantz already hold 400 patents for components and air distribution systems, establishing itself as market leader.

    • Expansion of Clean Air Solutions

      One decade later, in the 1980s, the first thermal oxidizer is being delivered. Further internationalization is also actively pursued in the 90s, for example by signing a large-scale contract for the Airport in Athens (Greece).

    • Continued development

      After the turn of the millennium and a social focus on pandemic research, the development and distribution of special filters for laboratories with the highest safety class BSL3 and BSL4 in Hong Kong followed. Krantz also invested into its own further development. In 2009, the in-house Research- and Development Center is being completed. Six years later, in 2015, the Space for Innovation opens to the public. It is a permanent exhibition that conveys the specialties of both Krantz and Caverion products and services, all shown through the usage of concrete examples.

    • Future

      During the more than 130-year corporate history, Krantz changed its name over two dozen times, until the brand finally became a part of Iqony in 2018. Since that date, there is a strong interconnectedness between STEAG and Krantz.

      Krantz offers a broad assortment of very different products and services for one common theme - clean air!


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