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  • Registration form Industry 4.0 meets Krantz

    The Krantz Clean Air App enables you to collect, visualise and evaluate data from your exhaust air treatment unit.

    This registration form gives you personal access to the Krantz Clean Air App for your exhaust air treatment unit/ units.

    With this app you can view, save and compare all process-relevant data of your exhaust air purification system on your smartphone. 

    You will find the order number and system type of your exhaust air purification system in the system documentation and on the type plate on top of the burner platform. The information is required if you operate several exhaust air purification systems. Each system must be registered separately. 

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    Please read the consent form before agreeing.

    * I declare that I agree to the transfer and storage of the process-relevant plant data, the relevant company data and my official contact data for the use of the Krantz App and that I am authorized to make this statement.