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    Nuclear and conventional business units

    The division Krantz Air Technologies is responsible for the business areas of nuclear technology, process air technology and specialized technical solutions.

    This includes three nuclear and conventional business units:

    Thanks to over 40 years of experience in planning, installation and maintenance of air distribution systems in, for example nuclear power stations and laboratories, Krantz Special Technologies is able to serve the entire life cycle fulfilling the highest requirements and quality standards.

    As a result of the focus on specialized solutions for very sensible areas with exceptional high requirements, the nuclear industry became a very important client sector. Krantz Special Technologies participated in the construction of many nuclear power plants and hence gained comprehensive in depth knowledge, which can also be utilized for the dismantling of nuclear power stations.

    Modernization in processes and new materials regarding the industrial production lead to increasing requirements in quality standards and the distribution of the air as well as on the waste gas collection and purification systems. Normal market standard ventilation and filter systems often reach their limitations.

    Our clients appreciate high flexibility and demand orientated solutions, characterized by the uppermost quality and operational safety standards, due to our own Research and Development Center and our manufacturing capabilities of special components.

    In close cooperation with our clients, Krantz Air Technologies  develops at a concept stage the best suited technologies, which then will be implemented by highly qualified engineers according to the specific requirements.

    Our service personnel ensures operational safety in nearly all major German nuclear power stations around the year – another confirmation of our high quality.

    The division Krantz Air Technologies obtained the „Genehmigung zur Tätigkeit in fremden Anlagen oder Einrichtungen gemäß §15 Strahlenschutzverordnung (StrlSchV)“.

    All our employees in the technology and installation area are checked regarding reliability according to §12 Atomgesetz, and are in the possession of radiation passes (§40 StrlSchV)

    Our service and product spectrum is supplemented by specialized solutions for conventional technical installations, e.g. research centers and process air technology in the textile industry. Air Technologies has comprehensive experiences in this field, too.


    Krantz offers a broad assortment of very different products and services for one common theme - clean air!


    - Air Distribution Systems

    - Cooling & Heating Systems

    - Filter & Damper Systems

    - Clean Air Solutions