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    Our international sales meeting began with a game of bowling as our foreign representatives from Australia, Belgium, China, France, Great Britain, Japan, India, Italy, Turkey, Lithuania, Portugal, Switzerland and South Korea cheerfully came together in Aachen.


    In the two days that followed, new information was exchanged in the form of lectures and workshops. As part of this, our Krantz department heads in the areas of Air Distribution Systems, Cooling and Heating Systems, Clean Air Solutions, Filter Systems and Dampers and Research & Development had the opportunity to present and discuss innovations and new changes. At the same time, our foreign representatives presented current trends from their respective markets and provided us with constructive feedback on Krantz products.

    Our international sales meeting was crowned by the signing of contracts with SUZHOU KELAN ENVIRONMENT TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD and Blickson Limited Hong Kong.

    All told, the very good atmosphere, the constructive exchange, and the candour of our visitors were a clear indication that a face-to-face meeting cannot be replaced by anything else and that we have in our committed foreign representatives strong and very competent partners around the world.

    With this in mind, many thanks to our Partners!



    Krantz offers a broad assortment of very different products and services for one common theme - clean air!


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