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    Regenerative thermal oxidiser after biogas treatment

    A local energy supplier operates a biogas generation system. To satisfy the strict requirements of the Energy Feed Act, the raw biogas produced from organic substances needs to be cleaned before it is fed into the natural gas network. The pressure change adsorption processes creates an exhaust air containing a “low” level of methane. To satisfy the requirements of the Energy Feed Act (EEG), the exhaust air containing the methane needs to be treated in a thermal process. The most effective way to do this is in a regenerative thermal oxidiser.


    • Compliance with the specifications of the Energy Feed Act (EEG)
    • Exhaust air with very high pollutant concentration above the lower explosion limit


    • LEL monitored continuous thinning of the exhaust air before the exhaust air cleaning system
    • Cleaning in a highly efficient regenerative thermal oxidiser with a patented buffer system


    • Commissioned January 2014

    Facts about the project

    • Volume flow 550 Nm³/h exhaust air from the pressure change adsorption
    • Pollutant concentration max. 36.7 g/Nm³
    • Pollutant methane
    • Compliance with the eligibility specifications of the EEG of max. 0.2 % of the methane emission

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